Karl Hjalmar Branting honored on stamp

26 Feb 2021  Fri

Karl Hjalmar Branting was a Swedish politician who was the leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party (1907–1925) and Prime Minister during three separate periods.

When Branting came to power in 1920, he was the first Social Democratic Prime Minister of Sweden. When taking office for a second term after the general election of 1921, he became the first socialist politician in Europe to do so following elections with universal suffrage. In 1921, Branting shared the Nobel Peace Prize with the Norwegian secretary-general of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Christian Lous Lange.

Branting is commemorated by the Branting Monument in Stockholm. Additionally in Gothenburg, there is a tram and bus interchange named after Branting (Swedish: Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen). Stockholms Plads (Stockholm Square) in Copenhagen was renamed Hjalmar Brantings Plads in 1925.

To honour him Sweden Postal Department has issued a stamp in 1960.

Image Source: www.lastdodo.com

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