Silver Denarius of Roman Republic Depicts Cupid

09 Feb 2021  Tue

Love plays a significant role in individual life. Its influence can be seen in human history since aeons. Like for Romans, Venus was the goddess of love, while for the Greeks it was Aphrodite. The God of affection and desire was Cupid in Roman mythology and Eros in Greek.

This significance of these gods was so supreme that, Venus the Goddess of Love, affection, victory and prosperity was seen as the mother of Romans and Cupid was her son. Venus was the major Goddess of Rome and an integral part of this religious life. Both Cupid and Venus were an integral part of Roman Coinage.

This Silver Denarius issued during the Roman Republic belongs to Lucius Memmius Galeria and was issued at Rome. The coins depict, on the obverse, Laureate head of Saturn left, control letter below the chin, Harpa behind and legend: ROMA behind the Harpa.

The reverse of the coin depicts Venus in biga of horses walking right, holding reins with both hands and sceptre in right. Cupid flying left above holding wreath. The legend in Exergue reads L MEMMI (ME in monogram) GAL.

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