Ottoman Emperor Mustafa III died today

21 Jan 2021  Thu

Mustafa III was Ottoman Sultan (1757–74) who attempted governmental and military reforms to halt the empire’s decline and who declared a war on Russia that (after his death) culminated in a disastrous defeat.

He was a son of Sultan Ahmed III, and his consort Mihrisah Kadin. He was succeeded by his brother Abdul Hamid I. A poet and a scholar, Mustafa, during his years of seclusion before his accession, had studied astrology, literature, and medicine.

Soon after his accession to the throne, Mustafa demonstrated special care for justice. He took a number of measures to increase prosperity in Istanbul. He regulated coinage, built large grain stores, maintained aqueducts, and established a strict fiscal policy. He travelled frequently and checked whether the laws he had enforced were followed.

As a sultan who failed to revive the empire, he placed his sole hope with his son Selim (later Selim III), whom he educated with utmost care but who did not become sultan until 1789. Depicted here is a 1 silver Piastre issued under his reign from 1183 AH. The obverse of a coin depicts inscription “Islambul Zarb Fi”. The reverse of a coin depicts Tughra inscription.

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