Chindasuinth - Visigothic King of Hispania

20 Jan 2021  Wed

Chindasuinth was Visigothic King of Hispania reigning from 642 until his death in 653. He succeeded Tulga, from whom he took the throne in a coup. He was elected by the nobles and anointed by the bishops on April 30th, 642.

Despite his implacable politics, Chindasuinth is recorded in religious journals as a great benefactor of the church, donating many lands and bestowing privileges. He improved public estates with the confiscated goods of the dispossessed nobility as well as through improved taxation methods. In the military arena, he undertook campaigns against rebellious Basques and Lusitanians.

As a legislator, he promulgated many laws dealing with civil matters. With the help of Braulio, bishop of Zaragoza, he began the elaboration of a territorial code of law to cover both the Gothic and Hispano-Roman populations.

The coin shown in the image is a Tremissis bearing a contemporary image of Chindasuinth. This coin was minted at Hispalis.

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