Pulcheria of the Roman Empire

19 Jan 2021  Tue

Pulcheria was Roman empress, regent for her younger brother Theodosius II during his minority and then became wife to Marcian from November 450 to her death in 453.

She was born to Eastern Roman Emperor Arcadius and Empress Aelia Eudoxia. In 414, the fifteen-year-old Pulcheria became the chief guardian of her younger brother Theodosius II and was also proclaimed "Augusta". Pulcheria had significant, though changing, influence and political power during her brother's reign. When Theodosius II died on 26 July 450, Pulcheria selected Marcian as Theodosius’ successor and agreed to become his nominal wife in order to preserve the Theodosian dynasty.

Throughout her life, Pulcheria remained a devout Christian. On Oct. 25, 451, she attended the Council of Chalcedon and was loudly acclaimed by the bishops assembled there. She built several churches in Constantinople and left all her possessions to the poor.

Depicted here is a gold Solidus Struck during his reign from Constantinople mint. The obverse of a coin depicts pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right, in necklace and earring, the hand of God above. The reverse of a coin represents Constantinopolis enthroned left, holding globus cruciger in the right hand, sceptre in left, left foot resting on prow, left elbow on the shield, star in left field. Mintmark COMOB.

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