Story of Queen Sheba

16 Jan 2021  Sat

In the Holy books of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Bilqis the Queen of Sheba stands as an outstanding figure: a genuine queen who ruled the lands of sands in ancient times. Her story, describing the encounter with Prophet Solomon and her subsequent embrace of his faith (Islam).

The location of the historical kingdom of Sheba included part of modern-day Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Yemen. It was a wealthy country whose god was represented by the sun. The Quran records that Solomon ( Sulayman ) wrote to Bilqis demanding her submission to him and to God. Bilqis responded by sending him a gift of spices, gold, and precious stones. She tested King Solomon with questions to verify his great wisdom.

Solomon then insisted that she come to visit him, at which point she accepted Islam. Here is a stamp depicting the visit of Queen of Sheba's (Balkis) to King Solomon of Israel, issued by Yemen in 1967.

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