Bronze coin depicts the arch of Nero

06 May 2021  Thu

The evidence of the bygone era can always be traced through the troves written by the historians or by archaeological excavations. Many of these past legends are destroyed, today their appearance and evidence are known only through numismatic research.

The above-shown bronze sestertius of the esteemed Emperor Nero of Rome gives us the ocular record of the triumphal arch of Nero which is a mystery to us today. This coin was issued from Lugdunum (Lyon) mint around 65 AD. This arch is depicted on the reverse side of this coin with a single bay mounted on a Quadriga (chariot pulled by four horses).

This arch was constructed to celebrate and commemorate the victory of the Roman military against the Parthians in Mesopotamia and Armenia. This arch was probably destroyed after the death of Nero in 68 AD.

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