Pirates Stamps: Raider of Sea

29 Dec 2020  Tue

Pirates and Piracy have existed as long as sea trade. The earliest known records of piracy come from Aegean and Mediterranean seas in the 1400 BC. Homer had mentioned in Iliad and Odyssey about the abduction of women and children to be sold into slavery.

The most famous and far reached pirates were Vikings between the 8th and 12th centuries. The classical examples of piracies occurred in Gibraltar, the Strait of Malacca, Madagascar, the Gulf of Aden and the English Channel. Pirates have their own set of rule to follow.

Now, piracy is considered as an act of robbery. As per to 2004 statistics, piracy was done of worth US dollar 16 billion per year between the Red Sea and Indian ocean, Somali coast and in the Strait of Malacca and Singapore.

In order to safeguard private ship or commercial trade, naval forces are used for protection.

British Virgin Island issued a series of stamps on 16th November 1970.

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Image Courtesy: Stampsoftheworld.co.uk

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