Heroes of Fatherland Day in Russia

09 Dec 2020  Wed

The Heroes of Fatherland Day is a memorial day that was initiated by the government of Russia and approved by the president in 2007. This Memorial Day is annually observed on December 9 to commemorate the heroes of the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation and the recipients of the Order of St. George and the Order of Glory.

The similar tradition had existed in Russia before the 1917 October Revolution. The day commemorates the fallen heroes, honours the living recipients of the Orders and contributes to the shaping of the selfless service to the Fatherland. By the way, originally the holiday was created on the anniversary of the establishment of the Order of St. George by Empress Catherine II.

In the year 2015, Russia issued two commemorative bullion coins in silver and golden with the denominations of three rubles and fifty rubles. The Obverse depicts the emblem of the Bank of Russia the two-headed eagle with wings down in the centre with the semicircular inscription bank of Russia under it. All within a dotted circle. The denomination is written on the top and the year of issue at the bottom. The reverse depicts an image of Saint George the Victorious sitting on horseback and spearing a dragon.

Image Courtesy: agaunews.com

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