Gold Nazarana Half Mohur Princely State Datia

27 Nov 2020  Fri

Datia was a state in the Bundelkhand region of India; it was founded in the year 1626 CE. Datia was a Princely State during British rule in India. This state was administrated as a part of the Bundelkhand Agency of Central India. This state lies on the extreme north-west side of Bundelkhand, near Gwalior. It is surrounded on all the sides by the other Princely State of Central India; except on the east where it bordered upon the United Provinces. The ruling family of Datia belongs to the Rajputs of Bundela clan; they were descended from the younger son of the former Raja of Orchha.

This gold Nazarana half-mohur that weighs around 5.83g was issued from Princely State Datia by King Govind Singh. The obverse side of this coin depicts the bust of Govind Singh. The reverse of this coin depicts the Coat of arms of the state.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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