Fruits of Brazil

26 Nov 2020  Thu

Geographically, Brazil is the largest country in South America and Latin America. It is the fifth-largest country and six most populace country in the world. Brasilia is the capital of the country. The term ‘Brazil’ can be traced from the Portuguese word, brazilwood which was found in large number along the Brazilian coast.

Brazilian food varies as per to region. The food is developed by indigenous and immigrants population. Locally grown fruits are acai palm, cupuacu, mango, papaya, cocoa, cashew, guava, orange, lime, passionfruit, pineapple and hog plum. The fruits are used to make juices and later juices are turned into ice pops, chocolate and ice cream.

Other deserts are cooked from these fruits are brigadeiros or chocolate fudge balls, bolo de rolo or roll-cake, cocada or coconut truffles, and Romeu e Julieta (cheese with goiabada).

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