Stamp: Democracy through Dialogue

25 Nov 2020  Wed

In a democracy, the dialogue is the best way to resolve problems. Dialogue is the primary methodology to attain any remedy or amendment or change. It is done in order to avoid conflict and misunderstanding. Democracy stands in a different line from other political philosophies is the principle and practice of solving problems through dialogue.

Parliament is a place where a plurality is heard and discussed. The plurality of views means including all voices in the political debate: men-women, young-old, rich-poor, minorities and indigenous peoples. The dialogues happened between different political forces, inside and outside parliament as well as between parliament and citizens.

A lack of inclusive dialogue generates frustration and, over time, rejection and rebellion. Dialogue and inclusiveness are part of the essence of a culture of democracy. Educating young people about the principles of democracy is important for developing this democratic culture.

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