Ancient Coin that Broke the Selling Record

25 Nov 2020  Wed

EID MAR gold example sets record for ancient coin selling price. With one of three known gold examples, “Ides of March” Roman coin is perhaps the most famous ancient coin.

In 44 B.C., M. Junius Brutus and C. Cassius Longinus led the charge in the Roman senate to topple the rule of Julius Caesar, who had been proclaimed dictator for life and ruled with absolute authority. Three months before he was assassinated, Caesar placed his own image on Roman coinage, upending tradition and decorum — never before had a living ruler’s portrait appeared on Roman coinage.

Gold EID MAR aureus of Brutus, celebrating the murder of Julius Caesar two years’ prior, were issued to pay Brutus’ troops and other expenses. In addition to the famous legend (noting when the republic was freed from Caesar’s tyranny), the reverse depicts the pileus, or cap of liberty traditionally given to slaves when they were freed, between the daggers representing the death of Caesar.

The coin fetched a record sales price Oct. 29 in a London auction. The coin realized the equivalent of USD 4,188,393.

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