Elegant Accessories for Antique Coins!

19 Nov 2020  Thu

There are plenty of other portals and vendors where you will find all kinds of coin accessories and postage stamp accessories. What makes Mintage World’s offerings different from the rest, is our ultimate quest for quality. Through our website, you can browse through philatelic accessories manufactured by the top brands of the world. It is here where you can rest assured that your collection is going to be preserved and protected most optimally.

High-quality, black or white INSERT MATRIX is for accommodating 12 MATRIX coin holders. The visually appealing plug-in boards are not only extremely stable but also colour-matched perfectly to the MATRIX coin holders and casings. This will make your coins look their best.

Easy to handle: Simply insert the frame from behind into the panel until it clicks into place. If required, the plug-in board can be individually labelled.

Disclaimer: We are glad to be at your service. We would like to share that all the needful precautions and sanitization are taking care from our ends. We appreciate your patience and trust! #StayHomeStaySafe

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