Flag Day in Brazil

19 Nov 2020  Thu

The Brazilian flag was officially adopted in 1889. The anniversary of the adoption of the flag is celebrated in present-day Brazil as Flag Day annually on November 19.

The current flag of Brazil was officially adopted on November 19, 1889, after the proclamation of the Republic. A new flag replaced the flag of the Empire if Brazil. The flag of Brazil was modified only once in 1992, six stars were added to the celestial globe, representing newly created states.

There is no official declaration of the meaning of the colours of the flag, but according to a popular belief, green stands for forests, white means the desire for peace, blue symbolizes the sky and Brazilian rivers and yellow stands for country's riches. The stars of the flag represent certain stars and constellations that are observed from Rio de Janeiro. There are 27 stars that represent Brazilian states and the Federal District.

The national flag of Brazil first appears on the Brazilian stamp in the year 1933. The stamp is a 3,500 Brazilian reis denominated Air Mail stamp. The stamp depicts National Flag, Airplane and Sugarloaf in Rio de Janeiro.

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Image Courtesy: Colnect.com

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