Past auction highlights

18 Nov 2020  Wed

The highlight of 2019 Todywalla auctions, the lot’s from this auction had quite alluring specimens, the gold coin of Gupta king Kumaragupta I Mahendraditya went for INR 1, 80,000. In these auctions fetch INR 1,50,000 for gold Tanka of Qutb al-din Mubarak.

The gold dinar of Muhammad Shah III bin Tughluq also went for INR 75,000, it is an extremely fine and very rare specimen. Another gold coin issued by Ghiyath ud din Ahmed Shah III went for INR 55,000. The silver rupee of Gwalior Princely state of Alamgirpur mint fetched 25,000 rupees. In similar price the silver half tanka of Ibrahim Shah Lodi of Dehli, a Malwa issued was auctioned.

These lots of 2019 auctions consist of some amazing specimen for the medieval Indian coinage which went for the quite exciting amount.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auctions

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