Traditional Costumes of Bosnia and Herzegovina through Stamps

18 Nov 2020  Wed

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a southeast European country. It consists of a Balkan region.

The influence of Balkan, Oriental, and Mediterranean culture can be seen in their attire. It is an amalgamation of different traditions, styles, and symbols. Until the 19th century, most of the clothes were handmade and weaved locally.

The traditional attire of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s men were a white shirt, baggy pants, a small waistcoat, a wide belt, a headdress called a fez, optional outerwear, hand-knit socks, and leather shoes. The women costumes include a white shirt, a skirt and apron or wide baggy trousers, a bodice or vest, a headdress called fez with a veil or some other variant, jewellery, optional outerwear, hand-knit socks, and leather shoes. The materials used to weave traditional clothes were linen, hemp, wool, and leather.

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