Byzantine Emperor Justinian I died today

14 Nov 2020  Sat

Justinian I was the Byzantine emperor from 527 to 565 AD. During his reign, Justinian sought to revive the empire's greatness and reconquer the lost western half of the historical Roman Empire. His reign also marked a blossoming of Byzantine culture, and his building program yielded such masterpieces as the church of Hagia Sophia.

He is called "Saint Justinian the Emperor" in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Because of his restoration activities, Justinian has sometimes been known as the "Last Roman" in mid-20th century historiography.

Justinian was one of the first Roman Emperors to be depicted holding the cross on the obverse of a coin. He issued gold, silver, and copper coins. These coins were issued in the denomination of Solidus, Follis, Nummi, Siliqua, etc.

Depicted here is a Spanish Visigothic gold tremisses issued in the name of emperor Justinian I, 7th century. The Christian cross on the breast defines the Visigothic attribution.

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