A Zero Euro Banknote on Fall of the Berlin Wall

09 Nov 2020  Mon

The Berlin Wall was the product of the Cold War as it reached its climax in August 1961. The Berlin Wall quickly became known as the “Iron Curtain”. It had become the symbol of a completely sealed border between the two political blocs. Many people died (estimated at several hundred) trying to cross it by any means. The fall of the Wall occurred when the wind of liberation from the Soviet Union hit the Eastern bloc and of growing popular movements.

MDM, in partnership with Euroschein Souvenir GmbH, has published a series of three banknotes commemorating the thirtieth anniversary of the Berlin Wall fall. The exclusive collector's item has the motto »30 Years Fall of the Wall«. On the front, it shows a collage of people dancing on the Berlin Wall in front of the Brandenburg Gate. The GDR flag with a circular cutout can be seen in the background.

On the back of the 0 euro note, as with its predecessors, there are typical European landmarks such as the Paris Eiffel Tower or the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Image Courtesy: ddr-museum.de

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