Goddess Chamunda on Wodeyar Coins

23 Oct 2020  Fri

Navratri is a festival which celebrates the victory of good over evil. The seventh day of Navaratri brings Kalaratri – the most ferocious form of Goddess Durga. On the occasion of the day let’s get acquainted with another form of Parvati which is considered to be Raudra. Known as Chamunda or Chamundeshwari or Chamundi, the Raudra appearance of Parvati is a combination of Chanda and Munda, two monsters whom Chamunda killed.

The black or red coloured Chamunda is described as wearing a garland of severed heads or skulls (Mundamala). She is described as having four, eight, ten or twelve arms, with a skeletal figure, receding eye sockets, Headdress of matted hair tied with snakes or skull ornaments. Chamunda is often said as a form of Kali, representing old age and death. She appears as a frightening old woman, projecting fear and horror.

Chamunda is depicted on the Silver ¼ Rupee or Pavli of Krishnaraja of Wodeyar. The coin depicts the dancing figure Chamundi on the obverse while the reverse features the name of the king kishanraj, date & Mint name Mysore.

Image Courtesy: Marudhar Arts

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