Alfred Nobel featured on a Niue Coin

21 Oct 2020  Wed

The government and treasury of the island state of Niue have released the third coin in their ongoing collector series entitled “Geniuses of the 19th Century.” Focusing on events of the 19th century, many historians believe that the century was a time of brilliant and eccentric inventors. From industrial revolutions to the massive urbanization, the century witnessed some great inventions and investors.

Each of them has been commemorated by the Niue Mint with the coin series “Geniuses of the 19th Century”. This numismatic collector coin series opened with Thomas Alva Edison, continued with Nikola Tesla, and now continues with Alfred Nobel. He famously created a formable mixture of liquid nitro-glycerin and loose diatomaceous earth, which was patented as dynamite in 1867.

The coin that was issued by Niue was produced by the Czech Mint and is designed by the medalier Asamat Baltaev DiS. The coin comes with the denomination of the 1 Dollar. The reverse side bears a charismatic portrait of the inventor, supplemented with the inscription ALFRED NOBEL placed to the left of the portrait. The explosion in the background symbolizes Nobel’s numerous explosive discoveries and features a bundle of dynamite with an incendiary cord.

The obverse side of the coin includes an effigy of HM Queen Elizabeth II created by British sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley and also includes a collection of drawings of various inventions from the 19th century depicted in the Geniuses of the 19th Century series. The nominal value of 1 DOLLAR is shown in vertical text, and the year of issue, 2020, is seen under the Queen’s name.

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