Vietnamese Women's Day

20 Oct 2020  Tue

Women of Vietnam have two holidays to celebrate – Mother's Day. Vietnamese Women's Day that is celebrated on October 20 every year has a significant importance for the Vietnamese women.

On October 20, 1930 the women of Vietnam united against imperialism and created a special organization, that later became known as the Vietnam Women's Union. This movement was supported by the Communist Party of Vietnam and it designated October 20 to be anniversary of this organization and honor the Vietnamese women.

Vietnamese Women's Day is a perfect occasion for men of Vietnam to express their love for women. This holiday also reminds men about the importance of women for the society and nation. Political campaigns annually raise public awareness of different problems, that modern Vietnamese women face every day, like sexual harassment, violence, discrimination and gender inequality.

In the year 1966, Vietnam Post issued a special stamp worth 12 Vietnamese Xu which commemorated the foundation of Vietnamese Women’s Union. The stamp depicts the women of Vietnam in different attires.

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