Setu Bull Coin of Sri Lanka

19 Oct 2020  Mon

Setu bull coins are found in abundance in the southern part of India and the northern part of Sri Lanka.

It is stated that the traditional pattern of Sri Lanka standing King Type copper Massa coins of the Jaffna kingdoms relates to the Aryacakravarti dynasty from 1284 AD to 1410 AD.

Initially, these coins were attributed to the Setupati Princes of Ramanathapuram in South India. There are two types of series; the first one is issued between the 13th and 15th centuries and the other from 1450 to 1467.

The obverse of such coins has a human figure flanked by lamps. And the reverse side shows Nandi or bull symbol and the legend Sethu in Tamil with a crescent moon above.

The type I of these coins was aligned with the Chola copper coins of the 13th century. In type II, the seated bull is replaced with a bull.

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