Gold Mohur minted in the name of Al-Mu'tamid

15 Oct 2020  Thu

Abul Abbas Ahmad Ibn Jafar also known by his regnal name Al Mutamid, was the Caliph of the Abbasid Caliphate reigning from 870 to 892. His reign marks the end of the Anarchy at Samarra.

He was a son of Caliph al-Mutawakkil and a Kufan slave girl called Fityan. During his reign Abbasids had lost control of Egypt to the Tulunid dynasty and Central Asia to the Saffarid dynasty. When al-Mu'tamid died on 15th October 892, al-Mu'tadid succeeded him as caliph.

The above shown gold Mohur minted in Fustat (Misr) in the name of al-Mutamid, al-Mufawwad, and the ruler of Egypt Ahmad Ibn Tulun. The obverse of a coin depicts the first part of the Kalima citing heir al-Muwaffaq below, mint and date in inner legend. The reverse of a coin engraved Continuation of Kalima; citing Al Mutadid Allah Ahmad Ibn Tulun below.

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