Silver Karshapana of Matsya Janapada

13 Oct 2020  Tue

The word Janapada is derived from a Sanskrit word ‘Jana’ and ‘Pada’. Jana means ‘people’ or ‘subject’ and the word ‘Pada’ means ‘foot’.

The janapada were the kingdoms of the Indian Vedic period reaches from the Late Bronze Age into the Iron Age. There were nearly around 16th Mahajanapadas, most of the states were annexed by more powerful neighbours, although some remained independent.

The Matsya Janapadas was one of the sixteen Mahajapadas. In Sanskrit, the word Matsya is known as ‘Fish’. Today it is a modern part of central Rajasthan. The people of Matsya Janapada are also associated with Surasena (Uttar Pradesh) was also an ancient kingdom of India.

This silver karshapana that weighs around 11.41g was issued from Matsya Janapada.

Image Courtesy: Imperial Auction

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