Dukla Pass Victims Day in Slovakia

06 Oct 2020  Tue

The Slovaks annually observe a very important memorial day for their nation Dukla Pass Victims Day on October 6. Observation of this day is connected with the events during World War II when the Soviet and Czechoslovakian troops managed to capture the Dukla Pass from Nazi Germany.

The Dukla Pass is a strategically significant mountain pass in the Outer Eastern Carpathians. The pass lays on the border between Poland and Slovakia and an ancient trade route Dukla-Svidnik passes through this territory. The pass was captured by Nazi Germany during World War II and the Soviet Army launched an attack on Dukla in September 1944.

On October 6 the Soviet and Czechoslovakian troops captured the fortified territory of the pass. Germans persistently defended and the liberating troops suffered great losses. Dukla Pass Victims Day is a Slovakian memorial day, commemorating the soldiers, who died at the Dukla Pass.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Slovakian national uprising, Czech Post issued a set of two stamps with the denomination of 30 Czechoslovak halers. The stamps depict a scene from the uprising and the key personalities.

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