Flowers of Bangladesh

05 Oct 2020  Mon

In Philakorea exhibition, Bangladesh commemorates its popular flowers by issuing miniature sheet on 4th August 2014.

Dendrobium aphyllum: It is commonly known as an orchid. It is a species of orchid native to southern China, the eastern Himalayas, and Indochina.

Rhynchostylis retusa: It belongs to Venda gene of orchid species. It is used to cure asthma, tuberculosis, cramp, epileptic spasms, vertigo, palpitations, kidney stone and menstrual disorder. It is also an integral part of Bihu dance.

Nymphaea nouchali: It is a national flower of Bangladesh. It is commonly known as blue lotus. It is used for ornamentation. It is called ambal in Ayurveda and used in medicines. It was mainly used to treat indigestion.

Ochna obtusata: It comes on woody shrubs which have glossy leaves. It has attractive yellow flowers. The flower is usually surrounded by bright red sepals. The seeds are initially green, but turn black afterwards.

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