Silver Drachm of Peroz I of Sasanian Empire

28 Sep 2020  Mon

The Sasanian Empire was an ancient Iranian Dynasty; this dynasty is known as the Empire of Iranians. The name Sasanian is derived from a Persian priest named Sasan, the ancestor of the dynasty.

Peroz I was the eighteenth king of the Sasanian Empire, he ruled this empire from 459 CE to 484 CE. The meaning of the word Peroz is ‘victorious’. The name had already been in use by members of the Sasanian family a few centuries before, namely by the Kushano-Sasanian ruler Peroz I Kushanshah.

Peroz I was the son of Yazdegerd II and the brother of Hormizd III. Peroz I seized the throne from his older brother Hormizd III, who this empire for just two years. After sitting on the throne of the Sasanian Empire Peroz I successfully crush the rebellion in Caucasian Albania in the west, he also put the Kidarites Empire to an end.

This silver Drachm that weighs around 4.08g was issued by king Peroz I during this rule in the Sasanian Empire. The obverse of this coin depicts ‘Bust of the ruler to right, wearing a crown with two wings, frontal crescent, and korymbos set on a crescent, ribbon over each shoulder’. The reverse of this coin depicts ‘Fire altar with ribbons, flanked by two attendants; star and crescent flanking flames’.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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