Czech Statehood Day

28 Sep 2020  Mon

Czech Statehood Day is annually celebrated on September 28, which is also the feast of St. Wenceslaus, the patron saint of the Czech Republic.

Wenceslaus was the son of Vratislaus I, Duke of Bohemia. Wenceslaus gained the throne at the age of 18 and started converting Bohemia to Christianity. He advocated the use of Latin and Slavic languages during the masses. He became known as a wise and just ruler, who was very popular among the people.

Wenceslaus was killed by his younger brother Boleslav, who plotted to seize the throne. Murder of the ruler only strengthened Christianity in the duchy and Wenceslaus was canonized after his death and posthumously declared king. Day of his death is a feast day of St. Wenceslaus and since 2000 it's also Czech Statehood Day in the Czech Republic.

In 1997, Czech Republic issued a 100 Korun banknote which depicts a portrait of Wenceslaus with Groin vault of St. Vitus cathedral on the obverse. The reverse depicts a stylized letter "K", Seal of Charles University, Prague and the Greater coat of arms of the Czech Republic.

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