Western Kshatrapas ruler Nahapana

25 Sep 2020  Fri

Western Kshatrapas were the Sakas ruler that had ruled the western and central parts of India. This dynasty was founded by the king Chastana in the year 78 CE, he founded this dynasty in the region of Malwa. They are known to be from two different dynasties called Kshaharatas and Kardamak.

Nahapana was one of the most important rulers of Western Kshatrapas, Western Kshatrapas were the descendant of the Indo-Scythians, From the reference of one of the coin, Nahapana was the son of King Bhumaka.

This silver Drachma that weighs around 2.2g was issued by king Nahapana during his rule in Western Kshatrapas. The obverse of this coin depicts the ‘Bust of the king facing right, corrupt Greek legend around. The reverse of this coin depicts ‘Thunderbolt, Arrow and Brahmi and Kharoshthi legend Rajno Kshaharatasa Nahapanasa’.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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