Shahanshah Adul al-Dawla- The Greatest Monarch of Buyid Dynasty

24 Sep 2020  Thu

Adul al-Dawla also known as Fanna Khusraw was the greatest Emir of Buyid dynasty and prominent Shiite leader. He is widely regarded as the greatest monarch of the dynasty, and by the end of his was the most powerful ruler in the Middle East. He managed to rule over vast areas in Makran as far to Yemen and the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Fanna Khusraw was born on 24th September, 936, in Isfahan to Rukn al-Dawla and Firuzanid. He was given the title of Adud al-Dawla by the Abbasid caliph when he was made emir of Fars after the death of his childless uncle Imad al-Dawla. Later, he claimed the emirate of Iraq. After become sole ruler of the Buyid dynasty he assumed the ancient Iranian title of Shahanshah (king of kings).

Depicted here is a Gold Dinar minting during the reign of Adud al-Dawla as sole ruler from Al-Basra mint. Inside the middle circle inscription read ‘Rukn al-Dawla Abu Shuja with date and mint on the circular margin in Arabic legend. On the other hand, the reverse of a coin has Kalima continued at top center, with the name of the Abbasid Caliph, al-Muti-lillah followed by adud al-Dawla Abu Shuja.

Image Source: Heritage Auctions

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