Queens attire feature on Romanian stamp

21 Sep 2020  Mon

Romfilatelia continued the series of postage stamp dedicated to this theme of the royal clothing through the issue ‘the Uniform of royal (II), The queens of Romania”. These four items illustrated the Queen Elisabeth, Maris, Elena and Ana dressed in ceremonial attire with ornaments and tiaras.

The first stamp features Queen Elisabeth who was amazed by the fashionable outfit of the west and the traditional Romanian folk costume. She was photographed in Roman blouse promoting her image the Kingdom of Romaine. The second stamp features Queen Marie, who manages to invest her own clothing style. She often appears in military uniform but also in nurse uniform during World War I.

The third stamp depicts Queen Elena who actively promoted authentic Romanian tradition her photograph are all in folk costume. The fourth stamp shows Queen Ann who discreet both in public and personal life.

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Image Courtesy: stampcircuit.com

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