Dia de los Ninos Heroes

14 Sep 2020  Mon

Dia de Los Ninos Heroes or Boy Heroes Day is a very important memorial day in Mexico. This day falls on September 13 and the Mexicans honor six teenage cadets, who died defending Chapultepec Castle from invading U.S. forces.

Mexican troops under command of soldier Nicolas Bravo were defeating Chapultepec Castle during the U.S. invasion to Mexico in 1847. Cadets were also given to protect the castle, according to different sources their number was from 47 to a few hundred.

American troops greatly outnumbered the defenders and the cadets were ordered to retreat, however, six of them - Juan de la Barrera, Juan Escutia, Francisco Márquez, Agustín Melgar, Fernando Montes de Oca, and Vicente Suárez – stayed there to fight to the death. According to the legend, the last of those six cadets, Juan Escuti leaped from the castle wrapped in the flag of Mexico to prevent the flag from being taken by American troops.

The banknote of 5000 Mexican Pesos is dedicated to the Ninos Heroes: six teenage military cadets who died defending Mexico City’s Chapultepec Castle from invading U.S. forces in the 1847 Battle of Chapultepec. The backside of the Cinco Mil Pesos bill shows Chapultepec Castle and a Heroic Military Academy badge.

Image Courtesy: notescollector.eu

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