Gold Tanka of Hussain Shah of Jaunpur Sultanate

09 Sep 2020  Wed

Hussain Shah was the Sultan of Jaunpur Sultanate, he ruled Jaunpur Sultanate from 1458 CE until his death till 1479 CE.

Jaunpur Sultanate was ruled by the Sharqi dynasty. Khwajah-i-Jahan Malik Sarwar was the first ruler of the dynasty/ He was appointed as a Wazir (minister) under Sultan Nasiruddin Muhammad Shah from 1390 to 1394 AD. In the year 1394, he established himself as an independent ruler of Jaunpur. Husain Shah was the last Sultan of Jaunpur Sultanate, holding the position from 1458 to 1479 AD.

Husain Shah had ruled Jaunpur Sultanate from the year 1458 AD till 1479 AD. During his reign, he issued coins in all the four metals: gold, silver, copper, and billon. Gold tankas issued by him weigh around 11.8g.

Legends inscribed on these coins are inscribed in ‘Tughra’ style. This ‘fi Zaman’ type gold tanka which weighs around 11.9g was issued by Hussain Shah. The obverse of the coin is inscribed as ‘Al Muyaad Bi Tayid Allah Husain Shah Bin Mahmud Shah Bin Ibrahim Shah Khallada Allah’ and the reverse of the coins is inscribed as ‘Fi Zaman Al-Imam Naib Amir UlMomininAbulFathKhulidatKhilafatahu’.

Image Courtesy: Rajgor’s Auction

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