Grandparents’ Day in Mexico

28 Aug 2020  Fri

Grandparents’ Day or Dia del Abuelo) in Mexico is celebrated on August 28. It is inspired by a similar holiday celebrated in the United States on the Sunday after Labor Day.

Each year, Mexicans set aside a special day just to honor their grandparents. This tradition is actually based on Grandparents Day in the United States, which was created by a woman named Marian McQuade.

This holiday extends beyond grandparents, and people in both the U.S. and Mexico treat Grandparents Day as a time to help the general elderly population—especially those in nursing homes or hospitals—as much as possible.

On this occasion, Mexico Post issued a couple of stamps. Shown above is a 7 Mexican peso stamp issued in the year 2012. The stamp depicts grandparents wearing night-wears. Grandfather is holding a cup of Coffee and the grandmother is holding a plate of breakfast.

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