Reign of King Eric III of Denmark

27 Aug 2020  Thu

Eric III was the king of Denmark from 1137 until he abdicated on 27 August 1146. He was the grandson of Eric I of Denmark. Being the nephew of Eric II he succeeded to the throne after the latter’s murder.

In general, his rule was a peaceful one, however, for some years he had to fight against his cousin Oluf who made himself a base of power in Scania in 1139 and from there tried to conquer the throne until he was defeated and killed 1141 near Helsingborg. Erik III is the first Danish king who seems to have been strongly influenced by German culture. He had spent his early youth among German knights whose ideals marked most of his later life. Also, his queen, Lutgard of Salzwedel, was a German.

Denmark seems to have been a stable country during his kingship. He entered St. Canute's Abbey, where he died on 27 August 1146 and was buried at the cloister. The above-shown Coin depicted bust of Eric III of Denmark.

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