Fun in the Sun Stamp of Germany

27 Aug 2020  Thu

New stamp issues from Germany emphasize fun in the sun. This se-tenant pair of Euro 0.95 German stamps was issued on 2nd July.

The stamps are the first in a series called Germany From Above. The pair depicts an aerial view of swimmers and sunbathers enjoying an outdoor pool on a sunny day. The pool shown on the two stamps is located in the Witten-Annen borough of the city of Witten. Bettina Walter’s design for the pair of stamps is based on a photograph by Hans Blossey.

According to information from Germany’s Deutsche Post, the pool dates back to a fishing pond created in 1903, which later was transformed into a bathing area and eventually a swimming pool. Among the many updates through the years include the reshaping of the pool with curved lines resembling waves.

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