Art on postage stamp

25 Aug 2020  Tue

The most fantastic aspect of an artist is his talent to convert his imagination into reality. But what if we tell you that a ready piece of art can be presented in more innovative ways, it’s hard to believe, isn’t it? Yet, it is true that the beautiful postage stamps are made more artistic by some creative artist.

Today artists are using postage stamp to create new art. The above-shown image depicts two stamps, the image of the 1st stamp is cut and attach to the second stamp in a way that it looks like a human cannonball. This kind of art was developed by a Belgian based artist Burry Buermans.

Buremans also made the same type of art with different themes like the Wine and Women, Swim or Die, Lift Off, Napoleon’s UFO Sighting, Cold war, Hang On, etc. Some of these themes are so perfect that it’s hard to detect the actual printing.

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