Soldier's Day in Brazil

25 Aug 2020  Tue

In Brazil, there are several commemorative days of the Armed Forces. One of them is Soldier's Day (Dia do Soldado). It is celebrated on 25th August to commemorate the birthday of Luis Alves de Lima e Silva, an outstanding Brazilian marshal.

Luis Alves de Lima e Silva was born on 25th August 1803. He participated in the Brazilian War of Independence, the Cisplatine War, the Ragamuffin War, and the Platine War and quelled a number of rebellions in the Brazilian Empire. In 1840, Emperor Pedro II granted him the title of Baron of Caxias.

The birthday of Luis Alves de Lima e Silva was declared Soldier's Day in 1925. The holiday focuses on honoring the Brazilian Army. On this day, Brazilian soldiers pay homage to Duke of Caxias who is regarded as a soldierly ideal and one of the greatest officers in the military history of Brazil.

In his commemoration Bank of Brazil issued a 100 Cruzeiros banknote which was in circulation from 1981 and 1984. The banknote has a retrograde design on both obverse and reverse. The banknote depicts Portrait of Luís Alves de Lima e Silva on the obverse and the battle scene of the War of the Triple Alliance on the reverse.

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