Russian Air Force Day

12 Aug 2020  Wed

Air Force Day is one of the Russian professional holidays. It's annually celebrated on August 12. The holiday was established in 2006 by a presidential decree and it has the status of a memorial day.

Russian Air Forces were formed from the parts of the Soviet Air Forces in 1991-92. But during the era of the Soviet Union, Air Forces were formed in 1918 from the remnants of the Imperial Russian Air Service. At the beginning, Air Forces were mainly used for reconnaissance, but later their functions were enhanced. During World War II the Soviet Armed Forces played an important role in battles against Nazi Germany.

Present-day Russian Air Forces include modern aircraft and highly qualified personnel, safeguarding the borders of the state, and participating in various international missions. On March 1, 2013, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation issued a new commemorative coin as part of the History of the Russian Aviation series. The silver coin pays tribute to the ANT-25, a Soviet long-range experimental aircraft first designed in 1933.

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