Uzun Hasan defeated in Battle of Otlukbeli

11 Aug 2020  Tue

Uzun Hasan (tall meaning in Oghuz Turkic) was the 9th Shahanshah of the Turkmen Ak Koyunlu dynasty also known as the White Sheep Turkomans, and generally considered to be its strongest ruler. He created a short-lived empire in Iran, Iraq, eastern Anatolia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

With the death of Kara Osman, founder of the Ak Koyunlu dynasty, in 1435, a civil war ensued among his descendants. By 1453 Uzun ?asan had emerged victorious and succeeded to the throne. Uzun Hasan translated Qur'an into Turkic. He initiated some financial and administrative reforms to weaken the separatism of the military and tribal nobility and to strengthen his vast state.

Uzun Hasan met the Ottomans in battle near Erzincan in 1471, advanced as far as Ak?ehir, pillaging and destroying Tokat, and fought a battle at Tercan in 1473. He was defeated by Mehmed II at Battle of Otlukbeli in the late summer of 1473. To honor him Azerbaijan Postal Department has issued a 60 qapik stamp depicting his portrait.

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