Terracotta Temples Featured on Indian Stamp

11 Aug 2020  Tue

On 8 August 2020, India post has issued a set of seven Commemorative Postage Stamps and a miniature sheet on Terracotta Temples of India.

Terracotta means baked clay. It has been a medium of thousands of creations since historic times and was the oldest building material in India. In case of lack or inadequacy of the stones, the structure was erected with the help of baked clay tiles narrating episodes from mythology and life which gave the birth a new type of temple architecture.

This attractive issue was printed by the Security Printing Press Hyderabad. These stamps are 1) Indralath Temple of Ranipur 2) Madan Mohan Temple of Bishnupur 3) Jor Bangla Temple of Bishnupur 4) Lalji Temple of Kalna 5) Nebiya Khera Temple of Bhadwara 6) Lakshman Temple of Sirpur 7) Shyam Rai Temple of Bishnupur.

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Image Courtesy: philamirror.info

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