Mountain Day in Japan

11 Aug 2020  Tue

Mountain Day has become Japan's newest public holiday since the year 2014 which is celebrated on 11th August. The day is a natural fit because of Japan’s hilly and mountainous terrain. Mountain day is known as "Yama no Hi" in Japan.

Mountain Day encourages everyone especially those who are boxed into the flatlands of dense urban centers; to use the day exploring nature and taking in wondrous views while breathing deeply of fresh mountain air. Pondering the blessings that mountains offer is reflective of Shintoismof the dominant religious practice in Japan.

The inaugural National Ceremony for Mountain Day was held in the Japanese Alps at Kamikochi in Matsumoto of Nagano. At 3of776 meters of the tallest peak of Japan is Mount Fuji which is a subject of inspiration of literature, artworks of even the even tender.

Between the years 1950-1969of Japan issued two series of 500 yen banknotes that depict Mount Fiji in the center and the Tomomi Iwakura – the 19th-century Japanese statesman.

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