Nane Nane Day in Tanzania

08 Aug 2020  Sat

Tanzania annually celebrates Farmer's Day on August 8. The local name of this holiday is Nane Nane, that in Swahili, the national language in Tanzania, means “eight eight”. The day refers to the holiday’s occurrence on the eighth day of the eighth month of the year.

Nane Nane Day celebrates to recognize the important contribution of farmers to the national Tanzanian economy. The economy of Tanzania is heavily based on agriculture. One of the major events of Nane Nane is agricultural exhibition, which is organized for one week around August 8 in various cities of Tanzania.

The supporting occupation of Tanzania is cattle herding and it goes hand in hand with agriculture. The 100 schilling banknote issued in the year 1966 depicts the herdsman with the cattle in a grassland.

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