Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah was born today

07 Aug 2020  Fri

Emperor Muhammad Shah, who ruled the Mughal Empire from 1719 to 1748, was born today on 7th August 1702. He was a great patron of art and culture. His pen name was Sada Rangila and he is often referred to as Muhammad Shah Rangila.

He was the son of Khujista Akhtar, the fourth son of Bahadur Shah I. with the help of the Sayyid brothers; he ascended the throne at the age of 17. Muhammad Shah's reign was marked by a rapid and irreversible decline of the Mughal Empire.

It was during his reign the whole city of Delhi was destroyed, looted, plundered and ruined by the army of Nadir Shah. Nadir Shah took with him the Peacock throne built by Shah Jahan. He also took the legendary “Kohi Noor” diamond.

During the reign, he issued gold, silver, and copper coins. These coins were struck in the denomination of Mohur, Pagoda, Rupee, Paisa, Dam, Full, and in their various fractions. The above shown gold Mohur was issued under his rein from Dar ul-Khilafat Shahjahanabad mint. The obverse of a coin depicted the legend ‘Sikka Mubarak Sahibe Qiran Sani Badshah Gazi Muhammad Shah’ with the AH date. The reverse of a coin read as ‘Zarb Dar ul-Khilafat Shahjahanabad Sanah 22 Julus Mainamat Manus’.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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