Silver Rupee of Mughal Emperor Shah Alam Bahadur

05 Aug 2020  Wed

This silver rupee was issued by Mughal Emperor Shah Alam Bahadur, during 2nd year of his reign in the Mughal Empire. Shah Alma Bahadur sat on the Mughal throne in the Hijri year 1707 CE and ruled it until his death in 1712 CE. The real name of Shah Alam Bahadur was Muazzam; he took the name Bahadur Shah after he enthroned. Shah Alam Bahadur was the son of the third Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. After the death of Aurangzeb, his brother Muhammad Kam Bakhsh declared himself as the ruler of Delhi, but after defeating his brother in the Battle of Jajau; he ascended the Mughal throne in the year 1707 AD with the title Bahadur Shah I.

This silver rupee issued by Shah Alam Bahadur during his reign from the mint Lucknow. It issued during the second year of his reign. The obverse of this coin inscribed with the name and title of Shah Alam Bahadur. The reverse of this coin inscribed with the mint name Lucknow and regnal year 2.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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