Gahadavalas of Kanauj

01 Aug 2020  Sat

The Gahadavalas of Kanauj ruled the northern part of India in the mid of the 11th Century to the 13th Century. The capital of this kingdom was located at Varanasi in the Gangetic Plains.

Govinda Chandradeva was the king of the Gahadavala dynasty. He was one of the most powerful rulers of this dynasty. He ruled the major parts of Antarvedi, the present-day Uttar Pradesh, including the major parts of Kanyakubja and Varanasi. During his reign he faced invasion against Muslim rulers and with his capabilities and intelligence he was also able to win over them. Govinda Chandradeva is well known as a policymaker and for his bravery; due to his intellective skills he was able to save Varanasi from the attack of Masud during his reign.

This gold four and a half Masha was issued by Govinda Chandradeva during his reign in Gahadavalas of Kanauj. The weight of this coin is around 4.33g. The obverse of this coin depicts seated goddess Lakshmi. The reverse of this coin is inscribed with Devanagari legend Srimad Govindchandra Deva.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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