Izalco Volcano Mountain on 10 Colon Banknotes of El Salvador

30 Jul 2020  Thu

The Republic of El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America. Izalco stratovolcano happened to be on the southern flank of the Santa Ana volcano. The volcano erupted continuously from 1770 to 1958.

It is also called the Lighthouse of the Pacific due to its geographical position. Afterward, it experienced a flank eruption in 1966. In the 1926 eruption, Matazano village was buried and 56 people were killed. Before the eruption, this place was used for the production of coffee, cacao and sugar cane.

This has become a national icon of the country and is visited and climbed regularly by tourists. The stamps were also issued on the same theme which depicts the Izalco volcano, more commonly known as ‘El Faro del Pacífico’- ‘The Lighthouse of the Pacific’.

Izalco Volcano was featured on 10 colon banknotes. But in 2001, the colon was replaced by the US Dollar. Hence this banknote is no longer in circulation.

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia.com

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