Flower of Europe on Stamp

25 Jul 2020  Sat

The philatelic world is always fascinated with new and unique stamps and improvising them is a trend with them. Austria Post is master when come to improvising the stamps. It can be because of the demand of the collectors or just to stand out in all this competition. But Austria post has reached to a new height with this embroidered stamp.

The flower depicted on this stamp is called Gentiana Clusia, it is a self-adhesive embroidery stamp issued in 2008. The flower is native to Europe found in Alpine mountains. Its other name is Clusius Gentian, this name is derived from the botanist studying it.

This mountain flower is blue in color and bell-shape discovered in 100 BC by King Gentius of Illyria. Every flower belongs to the Gentian family is a protected species. According to the botanist, it is a perennial herb which blooms from May to July. This bloom of May is popular with other countries and appears on the stamp of other countries like Poland, Switzerland, etc.

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Image Courtesy: rarestampvalue

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