Banuta on Latvia stamp

20 Jul 2020  Mon

A new postage stamp honoring the opera Banuta staged by Alfreds Kalnins as it marks the 100th anniversary of its premiere at the Latvian National Opera.

The item features a phenomenal image from the first act of opera Banuta in 1920 taken from archives of the Latvia National Opera and Ballet. This stamp has been designed by the famous Lavitain artist Lilija Dinere.

This stamp was issued on 29th May; it had a significant aspect as on this day in 1920 first Lavitanian Opera Banuta had its premiere. The composer of this opera was Alfreds Kalnins. This opera is based on the imaginary ancient event of the past that includes Latvian mythology and reflects several trends in the style of the late romanticism.

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Image Courtesy: Findyourstampvalue

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